Race to Rio in January. Join the Virtual Race NOW

On 2 January 2021, exactly two years in advance of the next Cape to Rio Race, the Royal Cape Yacht Club will stage a virtual race between these two iconic cities. Online navigation is a great way to hone your skills, to understand the science of weather routing and the interpretation of data now so readily available due to the advent of cloud computing. This very same data is also available in real time to help with any passage planning ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. A Christmas Wish

by Richard Crockett For almost 18 months I have been bringing the history of our sport into life by posting information from my archives on my Blog ( – almost daily too. These have been a mix of newspaper cuttings, or more recently articles from early issues of SA Yachting Magazine, and photographs too. With the Cape to Rio Race 50th anniversary being on 16 January 2021, about 3 weeks away, I have been concentrating in recent weeks on endeavouring ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Rough ‘N Tough South Atlantic Passages

by Richard Crockett Daily I get pleasure when working in my archives as I often come across reports that I knew existed, and have found difficult to find. But all that’s changing as I continue my archiving quest. In the 1985 South Atlantic Race to Uruguay official brochure, I found a spread of three articles written by well-know sailors who had experienced the might of the South Atlantic, and had shared their experiences of those return passages after the 1982 ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Sea Harvest West Coast Race

by Richard Crockett There should be nothing special nor untoward about a 220nm ocean race, except of course should the weather turn foul. And with the course from Cape Town to Lamberts Bay and the finish in Saldanha Bay, one then begins to realise that it could be tough as there are several navigation hazards, fog and more to contend with. For me though, races back in at that time, this was in February 1980, forced skippers, navigators and crew ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Tuna Marine Voortrekker II Wins Two-Star Race

by Richard Crockett I know I have many gems in my archives, the problem is finding them as they have been buried for years, or simply mis-filed. So when the report on this race surfaced a few days ago, it was one I knew I had to share on this forum as it is one of those gems which Sharp wrote exclusively for SAILING Mag. 34 years ago, John Martin and Rob Sharp, sailed Tuna Marine Voortrekker II to a ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Uffa Fox’s Non-Capsizing, Self-Righting Multihulled Cruiser

by Richard Crockett Having sailed an Uffa Fox designed Flying Fifteen for many years, I have followed Uffa and his designs fairly closely, and always viewed him as someone who did not veer from the strait and narrow too far, nor who would rock the establishment too much! So blow me down when I saw the above headline while archiving old SA Yachting magazines. Who would have thought? And who would have thought, especially in that era (the early ‘60s), ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. The Quest to Best 40 Knots

by Richard Crockett Boatspeed is something that many are absolutely maniacle about, yet to others it’s simply another swear worrd in the yachtie vocabulary! For racing types boatspeed is everything, but for cruisers it’s something many simply don’t give a passing thought to as they simply don’t care. I have some sympathy with the cruisy types who go from A to B in their own time, and with time not being an issue in their lives when on the water. ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. The Big Jubilee At Lourenco Marques

By Richard Crockett For years I have been told how wonderful the Lourenco Marques dinghy regattas were “back in the day”. They were exciting, highly competitive and entertaining, with a little adventure in travelling through two different countries to the venue to add spice to the mix. Just recently an old sailing mate demanded info on these regattas, and especially pics from them. So to slake that thirst, here is the full report on that regatta. Sadly, many yachties won’t ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. ‘Vogel Does it Again

by Richard Crockett Locally built and internationally campaigned yachts have fared well on sailing circuits around the world, but way back in the ‘60s the name ‘Stormvogel’ was one to be respected, and possibly even feared. She was built in Stellenbosch, and generally sailed under the Dutch flag as her owner, Kees Bruynzeel, was a countryman. Nonetheless it appeared that despite the trivial matter of the national flag, she was always referred to as a South African yacht in the ... Read More »

Rio 2023. Entry From All-Women Crew

The Royal Cape Yacht Club & Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro have received an entry of some historical significance for the 2023 Cape to Rio Race from the yacht ‘Criloa’. The entry from Carina Magri Seixas, or “CarinaJoana” to her friends is for the magnificently maintained Impala 35 ‘Criloa’ – which first competed in the 1976 Cape to Rio Race. She was first commissioned in 1973, so will celebrate her 50th Anniversary birthday in the 2023 race. ‘Criloa’ will ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” from my archives. Some 1976 Rio Race Cartoon Humour

by Richard Crockett Good cartoonists can really capture a moment, a scene, a situation or a picture so well. The gift they have is so wonderful and rare, yet so often their work is dismissed or simply glossed over. It’s a gift I would love to have as I regularly see things I would like to capture as a cartoon! So let’s start this week in a chilled fashion with a bunch of cartoons from the 1976 Cape to Rio ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Frank Robb Meets His Waterloo • • •

By Richard Crockett Let’s end the week with a little light relief! This well crafted and wonderfully penned humorous piece on going to the “heads” aboard ship will answer the many questions landlubbers and those new to our sport often enquire about. Enjoy! Frank Robb opens the subject as follows: “Yachts spell Romance. Escape. The freedom of the seas. The lure of the fragrant Spice Island. Perfume of frangipane blossoms wafted across tropical water from fabled atolls. Scented lei-leis of ... Read More »

Vendee Globe. The Indian Has Struck

by Richard Crockett Within just a few miles of crossing from the Atlantic into the Indian Ocean, and not many hours after Kevin Escoffier was rescued by Jean Le Cam, two more skippers have reported damage. First was Sébastien Simon who hit an object and damaged his starboard foil and the casing. He has put his race on hold while he assesses the damage and attempts repairs And no sooner had this report been received, British skipper Sam Davies informed ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. 2,200 Plans Out!

By Richard Crockett I simply cannot let an opportunity slip by when it comes to mentioning the Dabchick as it was on one of these dinghy’s that I learnt to sail on a dam in the KZN Midlands in the late ‘60s. I have always, and still do today, extol its virtues, as it was certainly one of, or was it ‘THE’ class, that put so many kids on the water? A breeze to sail in all conditions, nippy and ... Read More »