Cape to Rio 2023. Peters & May Announce Shipping Service

Peters & May, providers of bespoke logistic solutions to the marine leisure industry are delighted to be offering a shipping service to the Royal Cape Yacht Club, organisers of the 2023 Cape to Rio Race in an effort to enhance participation and showcase this iconic warm water downwind ocean race linking Africa and South America. Established in 1971, this city to city classic is the only south to north blue water ocean race following the SE trades of the Atlantic ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” from my Archives. UK ‘Fundi’ Praises the RCOD

by Richard Crockett Early last week I featured the 1961 report announcing that the Royal Cape Yacht Club had launched its own one-design class – that being the RCOD. Some 16 years later it was still gaining traction and being talked about internationally. The fact that the man who launched the Amateur Yacht Research Society, Dr John Morwood, had decided to build one for himself, gave substantial credibility to this growing class. Plus he gives his reasons why. Read the ... Read More »

The League for L26s

by Sophie Thompson Eager Durban sailors will be hitting the water for the brand new L26 racing series simply called “The League”, that will take place both inshore and offshore over 20 Saturdays during the 2020 and 2021 Sailing Season. Three series will be accommodated in The League, an Offshore Series, an Inshore Series and a Match Racing Series. The organising committee will endeavour to balance the number of races across the three series. The next race takes place on ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” from my Archives. Rothman’s Week 1974

by Richard Crockett Last week I featured the very first Mainstay Week which was modelled on the highly successful Rothman’s week jointly organised and run by the Cruising Association of South Africa (CASA) and the Royal Cape Yacht Club (RCYC). The announcement for Rothman’s Week was made in SA Yachting Magazine in June 1974 under the headline: Rothman’s Cape Sailing Week. “Keelboat sailing in the Western Province is to get a tremendous lift following the announcement by Rothman’s that the ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” from my Archives. Mainstay Week 1978

by Richard Crockett I have picked this regatta specifically today as I recently scanned some very old slides (transparencies) taken during the event, and share these as many of our young sailors today simple laugh or dismiss the fact that one would ever consider racing a Miura, Impact, Petersen 33, RCOD – or in fact most of the boats in these pics. But that’s what we did and all the BIG names in top-flight racing were in attendance. “Back in ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” from my Archives. Zwartkops Centenary Regatta

by Richard Crockett There are moments in life when one feels something special about to happen, or, that simply being at an event feels very special. Well the Zwartkops Yacht Club Centenary Regatta was one of those moments as never before had so many Springbok yachtsmen competed against each other, let alone been at the same regatta. In early 1984 when Zwartkops Yacht Club celebrated its centenary, besides hosting the SAYRA AGM and annual gala dinner at their club, they ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” from my Archives. Talk About Boats

by Richard Crockett Frank Robb was a prolific writer of the affairs of sailing with his scribblings featuring in SA Yachting magazines regularly from the first issue. So it hardly surprising that the very first issue of the magazine carried one of his articles entitled “Talk About Boats”. The subject was appropriate – or so the heading indicates anyway. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE:  1957 10-11 – SA Yachting – pgs 26 & 27 Most serious yachties have probably fallen ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” from my Archives. RCYC Launches its One-Design

by Richard Crockett I was intrigued by the headline when I saw it in the May/June 1961 issue of SA Yachting magazine, as this was the birth of what ultimately became the Royal Cape One Design (RCOD) Class. Confirmation of this comes from Roger Hocking’s book entitled “Yachting in Southern Africa” as he said: “Van de Stadt was asked to provide plans of the latest development of Zeeslang, his Black Soo, and it was not long before a one-design fleet ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Who Was First to Circumnavigate with the New RSA Flag?

By Richard Crockett Last week I wrote about the first South African boat to circumnavigate, that being Cariad I. But who was the first South African to circumnavigate under the new South African flag? It was none other than the redoubtable JJ Provoyeur – a remarkable man in every sense. I first got to know JJ during the 1980 Fireball Worlds off Durban where he finished runner-up. What I did not know until researching this editorial was that during the ... Read More »

The Little Optimist Global Challenge – 9 – 18 October 2020

So What’s the Challenge? We challenge you, your friends, your family, your colleagues, your kids and any sailor in South Africa and the world to sail an Optimist Dinghy for charity. Where? On any body of water, anywhere in the world, in any Optimist dinghy, between 9 – 18 October. Enter, raise funds for charity, track your distance sailed, have fun and help inspire at-risk youth. This Year it’s A Covid-19 Inspired Challenge Covid has forced many a business to ... Read More »

CAPE2RIO Race. 2023 Race Date Announced

The Royal Cape Yacht Club, in conjunction with the Iate Club Rio de Janeiro, have announced another edition of this iconic ocean racing classic. The start date is Sunday 2 January 2023. The first Cape to Rio Race was in 1971. Besides piquing the interest of local yachtsmen it also attracted a good fleet of international entries too. Line honours was won by Ocean Spirit, co-skippered by Sir Robin Knox-Johnson and Leslie Williams, while the handicap honours went to Albatross ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” – From My Archives. Roman Rock Lighthouse Celebrates 159 Years of Service

by Richard Crockett (As you can see, this section from the archives will now be under the “Talking Sailing” banner.) At about the same time as this article on Roman Rock Lighthouse in False Bay was published by Africa Ports & Shipping, I was digitising the July-August 1960 issue of SA Yachting. The cover of that issue depicted this lighthouse with a dinghy being rowed out towards it. And at a similar time I stumbled upon the original B/W print ... Read More »

From My Archives. Which Was the First South African Yacht to Circumnavigate?

by Richard Crockett I am sure, like me, that most of the answers will be Sandefjord. I was always under that impression until I queried this fact and was told it was White Seal – which I took for granted. But in doing some archiving of very early SA Yachting magazines, plus some old black & white pics in my archive, I came across reference to White Seal and decided to delve a little deeper. In reporting on her circumnavigation ... Read More »

On This Day – 30 September. A Newspaper History of Sailing

by Richard Crockett “On This Day” finishes TODAY and will be replaced by “From My Archives”. After many years, in fact decades, of collecting material on our sport and wanting to sort and organise the information into an archive that was more user-friendly, I started with many boxes of newspaper cuttings I had. This entailed digitising and scanning every single one, and saving them in a chronological date order – a daunting task as there are in excess of 20 ... Read More »

PredictWind App Feature Update

PredictWind has now added more quality Wind Observations to their already high-caliber network. Observations are a key part of making the best decisions when it comes to analyzing your forecast. Being able to compare your forecast data with real-time observational data adds to your forecast confidence. We have added 3 new sources of observation data along with boosting the PredictWind private network that includes a cluster of observations for the upcoming America’s Cup. The new sources consist of the MADIS ... Read More »