Golden Globe Race. Jean-Luc Van Den Heede passes through Hobart film gate

Jean-Luc Van Den Heede reached the Hobart film gate on Saturday to drop film and letters before heading out of Storm Bay to resume his lead in the Golden Globe Race. The 73-year old Matmut skipper was in good spirits and sighted the lengthy preparation work for his 1,600 mile lead. “The boat is good, the self steering works well and I have only minor problems like a leaking window to deal with.” Jean-Luc remained at anchor for over ... Read More »

International Schooner Association Founded

by Richard Crockett There is absolutely no good reason for this to be of interest to local sailors other than there are some stunningly good looking boats to look at. So if you don’t read this blurb, feast your eyes on the great pics. The grace, power and complexity of classic schooners engenders great passion in all who see these wonderful examples of naval architecture, mostly heralding from that golden age of yacht construction in the first decades of the ... Read More »

The Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe

Record Entry in its 40th Anniversary Year The Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe – one of the classic races in solo ocean sailing – has attracted a record entry this year as it celebrates its 40th anniversary, and which starts in just 30 days time. This is a 3,542-nautical mile race from Saint-Malo in Brittany to Point-à-Pitre on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. It was first held in 1978 and has since established itself as one of the big targets ... Read More »

Alex Thomson. On a Mission to Complete the Climb

Britain’s Alex Thomson may be best known for his stunts but he really wants to win the Vendée Globe. Thomson failed to finish in his first two attempts, but a third and a second in the last two additions has given him hope that he can conquer this solo non-stop race around the world. “It doesn’t compute in my brain to give up,” says Thomson, though he has probably been more tempted than most of us to do just that. ... Read More »

Sailing’s James Dean – the Mike Plant story

  by Brian Hancock I watched a terrific movie last night. It was the kind of movie that would have changed the trajectory of my life had my life not already been on a similar trajectory. The movie was Coyote and it’s the true story of the American sailor Mike Plant and his ambition to win the Vendée Globe. I met Mike many years ago. I was introduced to him by my friend Roger Martin, a fellow South African living ... Read More »

‘Vixen’ of Victoria B.C. – Her Visit to Rodrigues

 by Richard Crockett The world is a very small place today, especially as one can communicate with others almost anywhere in the world at lightening fast speeds! In August I wrote a short piece about ‘Vixen’ of Victoria British Columbia having come across two pics of the boat taken when moored on a chain mooring in Durban. It was in 1958 that those pics were taken. I super-sleuthed on the internet and found ‘Vixen’s’ current owners, Bruce Halabisky and Tiffany ... Read More »

The Yacht Racing Forum 2018

The 11th edition of the Yacht Racing Forum will take place in Lorient, France, on October 22 & 23. A business oriented conference, the Forum will reassemble the sport’s leading brands and personalities for two days of conferences, debates, networking and business. The Yacht Racing Forum is the unique opportunity for everyone involved in yacht racing to reach out to the international sailing community in two days and one location. More than 300 delegates including twenty-five media representatives from all ... Read More »

Golden Globe Race. It’s Tough Being A Singlehander

Gregor McGuckin arrives in Perth Gregor McGuckin arrived into Rockingham, Perth, Western Australia aboard the Australian frigate ‘HMAS Ballarat’ following the dismasting of his Biscay 36 yacht ‘Hanley Energy Endurance’ during a southern ocean storm on 21 September. Speaking at a press conference, the 32-year old Irish yachtsman said “It’s fantastic to be here in Perth. While Australia was never my intended final port, I couldn’t be happier and more grateful right now. My journey started some 92 days ago, ... Read More »

October 2018 ‘Raymarine’ Sailor of the Month – Dave Shilton

Dave Shilton was invited to join a group of Finn sailors in a 2-week ‘Emerging Nations’ Programme before the 2018 Finn Gold Cup in Denmark. He received intense coaching and support both before and during the Gold Cup. The programme proved a great success for Shilton as he was 5th in the first race of the regatta against the best in the world. His final position was a credible 56th out of 90 boats. Shilton’s dream was to come back ... Read More »

Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image 2018: Top 20 Revealed!

The top twenty pictures from the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image – selected by the international jury – will be exhibited at the Yacht Racing Forum (Lorient, France, October 22 – 23), where the 2018 winners will also be celebrated. The 20 best photographs still in the race to be elected best image of the year are now disclosed! 109 professional photographers spanning 25 countries submitted a picture for the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image 2018. The top eighty pictures were selected ... Read More »

The Mirror Book. 

Mirror Sailing from Start to Finish by Peter Aitken & Tim Davison This book tells you everything you need to know about sailing the bermuda and gaff-rigged Mirror. Packed with practical advice and illustrated with step-by-step photographs, it teaches you how to sail the UK’s most iconic and best-loved dinghy – there are over 70,000 of them. Learn all the essentials, from sailing theory and rigging to faster upwind and downwind sailing and the fundamentals of racing. Whatever your standard ... Read More »

This Video of a Lab Simulated Rogue Wave Will Make Your Palms Sweat

By Mike Schuler It’s a sailor’s worst nightmare. A monster wave that comes out of nowhere, two to three times bigger than the others. In certain cases, waves like this are capable of swallowing a ship whole. Yet to this day we still don’t know much about rogue waves or how they form. Actually, most of what we do know about these freak waves comes from actual experience. We know they’re out there, and many of you could probably share ... Read More »

Vote for the Best Sailing Videos of the Year

The best sailing videos produced in 2018 as part of the Mirabaud Sailing Video Award are online. The public is invited to vote (until October 15), and to elect the best video of the year! Open to audiovisual professionals, editors, cameramen, producers as well as professional sailors, the Mirabaud Sailing Video Award recognizes the best sailing video produced every year. No less than 28 directors from seven countries submitted the video of their choice for this edition of the award. ... Read More »

420 National Champs 2018

by Stefan Falcon The Heritage Day weekend nationals was a bit of a homecoming, with ZVYC having been instrumental in the introduction of the 420 in South Africa over a decade ago. It was a very well attended championship with 21 boats. We had a very good mix of young and old sailors, girls and boys, newcomers to the class and experienced sailors, and, important for the South African sailing community, we had a good representation of all race groups. ... Read More »

The Spirit of Sailing Film with Paul Elvstrøm Film

Follow the link to watch a 13 minute movie featuring Paul Elvstrom sailing ‘back in the day’. The film shows Paul Elvstrøm’s sail in three boat types, as he talks about his relationship with sailing. “Sports need not only be competition, show, exercise etc. The great sporting talent may be considered as an artist among other artists – with a special genius to express themselves through their sporting ability.” Watch it HERE Read More »