Volvo Ocean Race – Dongfeng – will they or won’t they?


That’s the big question all the supporters of Dongfeng will be asking as this team has defied all odds and been at the forefront of this race since the start last year. She has just not managed to pull off a leg win, so this is her chance as she leads the fleet into her home port of Sanya.

With just over 100 miles to go to Sanya, and a 50-plus mile lead you would be forgiven for thinking its as good as done!

However anyone in Sanya this morning in the early hours would have noticed that the Sanya Bay area was completely devoid of wind for most of the latter part of the night and first hours of daylight.

Timing is such that Dongfeng is likely to approach the Bay during this often super-calm period, where with the best will in the world (and believe me they REALLY WANT to cross that line!) they will see and smell land – but be unable to get there! And with the offshore wind light but steady, the chasing pack are likely to dramatically reduce that seemingly comfortable lead.

Nothing stays the same for too long in the tropics, and with any luck the local winds will build in time for Dongfeng to take a historic victory.

But its going to be a stressful night onboard, and a long one for everyone else watching and waiting for the determined men of Dongfeng who have led this leg since day 3.

Its certainly a win they deserve, but will the Wind Gods agree?

Having led continuously since sneaking ahead of Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing at the end of the first 24 hours of the race, to lose now would be a cruel fate – but finishes of ocean races are often unfair!

We’ll know in 12 to 18 hours – hopefully!

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