NSRI Barrel Fund-raiser – a National Opportunity

Andrew Murray; Trevor Donald; Clifford  Ireland (NSRI) & Phil Downing.
Andrew Murray; Trevor Donald; Clifford Ireland (NSRI) & Phil Downing.
Nick & Sharyl Hastie with Clifford Ireland (NSRI).
Nick & Sharyl Hastie with Clifford Ireland (NSRI).

Every year the yacht clubs of Durban join forces on a specific day to raise funds for the NSRI. Last year an amount of R109 075.00 was raised in just one day, and the cheques was presented last evening at a function at the NSRI Station 5 base in Durban.

Nick and Sharyl Hastie of Seaport Supply also presented a cheque for R5 000.00 as their contribution to that day.

This year a challenge is being issued to every single yacht club in the country to all make a similar effort on the same weekend – with the target to be collected being R1 000 000.00 – yes, 1 million Rand.

As a fraternity of yachties and yacht clubs, this figure should be easily attainable.

The date is to be finalised very soon, and looks likely to be in early June.

The Editor of SAILING Magazine, Richard Crockett, flew this kite in his “Talking Sailing’ blog and has received good interest for this concept with Knysna Yacht Club immediately rising to the challenge with Club President Roger Clancey advising that his club fully supports the initiative. Steve Thysse of SAS Northern Region saying: “I think your initiative to have a National NSRI fund-raising day is a brilliant idea and you are for sure the man to drive this. The Northern Region would definitely support this initiative and do our bit to help make it happen.”

These are just two of many responses as was a very enthusiastic response from the NSRI marketing team.

This is not rocket science stuff as there is no set formula – with the only provisos being ‘fun and funds’.

Neighbouring Clubs can join forces should they wish, or even challenge other Clubs to better their fund-raising efforts.

The whole programme culminates with the NSRI Barrel fun day, although fund-raising functions and initiatives are done in advance. The fund day is a casual low-key race on Durban Bay where mass participation (every boat owner, their crew and friends) is encouraged, plus a sail past and ‘salute’ to the NSRI prior to the race.

The organising team in Durban will pass on what they do to assist Clubs in getting up to speed quickly.

In Durban the NSRI is fully involved in this initiative. Their boats are on the water, their crews even hijack crew of competing boats and hold them for ransom!

Below are just a few of the income generating initiatives used in previous years:
• Donations from corporates.
• Auction of items donated – including Sailing School Courses.
• Organisation of events prior to the fun day
a ‘Band in the Sand’ evening at the PYC Beach Site
a Fine Wine and Dining evening
party and auction of sharks jersey & kayak
• Sale of event T-shirts.
• Sale of Durban sailing calendars.
• Sale of ‘boerie’ rolls on the NSRI Barrel Day

After the fun race everyone heads to the club where Rob Main-Baillie entertains the crowds and conducts the luck draw for hundreds of donated prizes. Booklets of tickets for the draw are sold prior to, and on the day – and are a good source of income.

Remember, it’s about FUN and FUNDS – with every single cent going to the NSRI as there are no admin and other fees involved.

Oh, it’s called the NSRI Barrel as a barrel of beer is the order of the day!

Interested? Send your info to Richard Crockett (editor@sailing.co.za) and he will pass this on to the organisers who will keep you in the loop and help get your NSRI fund raising day off to a flying start.

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