ISAF World Cup Miami – RSA Postions on day 2

Stef Marcia
Stef Marcia

In a question asked of the mens 470 class about the crew rarely being asked to comment, the PR people homed in on Roger Hudson. This is how it was reported:

Roger Hudson would probably rather have had his talking moment on Monday, when he and his skipper, Jim “Squirrel” Asenathi, placed 4th and 6th – and it was Asenathi’s birthday. Two 13ths on Tuesday pulled the South African sailors down to 10th overall, but the experience jelled in Hudson’s analysis of the racecourse.

“The defining thing,” he said, “is that even though it’s breezy, it’s really on and off, with a lot of pressure differences. It’s quite light in patches, and the wind comes through in big blocks. There are huge gains to be made, and lots of position shifting. It’s like sailing in Greece, with the wind coming off the land, broken up by land features, and that’s maybe why the Greek guy won two races today.”

Mens 470      10th     Asenathi Jim & Roger Hudson    4; 6; (13); 13

Mens Laser   66th    Stefano Marcia    (41); 25; 28; 34; 24



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