Home-Grown Boy Joins Metocean Solutions

Dr Christo Rautenbach.

Metocean Solutions has welcomed Dr Christo Rautenbach to their team. Christo is a physical oceanographer and will be joining their MetOcean Research and Development team, based in Raglan, New Zealand.

Christo is an applied mathematician who became an oceanographer. He completed most of his studies in Applied Mathematics and Physics at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa where he specialized in fluid dynamics. Thereafter he completed his first Ph.D. (Engineering) at the University of Southeast Norway. On his return to South Africa, he started working in the coastal systems research group. His focus was on coastal sediment studies, morphology and coastal vulnerability assessments. Migrating from research to consultancy, he gained experience on a vast range of topics, from cyclone modelling (winds, waves, storm surge) to dredge plume dispersion modelling.

Before joining MetOcean, Christo was leading the technical development of the first operational marine platform for Southern Africa at the South African Weather Service, where he focussed on regional wave, tide and storm surge forecasting. That was also the topic of his second Ph.D. (in Oceanography), which he should complete next year.

At MetOcean, he will be working on improving wave hindcasting and forecasting capabilities.

“We are happy to welcome Christo to the MetOcean Research and Development Team (MRD). His arrival helps to increase the team’s expertise in both circulation and wave modelling,” says Dr João Marcos, MetOcean’s Research and Development Science Team Leader. “The experience he acquired during the development and management of the first operational forecast system for South Africa will be invaluable to current and future projects within the MRD team.”

In his free time, Christo loves to be outdoors and due to this he is a motivated trail runner. He is also an artist.

“I am honoured and excited to start my new life season with a world renowned company like MetOcean Solutions” said Christo.

About MetOcean Solutions
Marine Weather Expertise
MetOcean Solutions is a science-based consultancy that offers specialist numerical modelling and analytical services in meteorology and oceanography. We provide high quality environmental data and expert interpretation to meet the rigorous requirements of the offshore and maritime industries as well as regulatory, defence and government agencies. MetOcean Solutions is a division of state-owned enterprise, Meteorological Service of New Zealand (MetService).

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Our team includes a multi-disciplinary group of PhD scientists and technical experts with experience in oceanography, meteorology, atmospheric physics, acoustic signal processing and fluid dynamics, as well as web architecture and development. This unique combination of strong science and technical skills allows us to innovate and push the boundaries in our quest to provide you with exactly the marine weather information you need, for anywhere on Earth.

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After decades leading oceanography projects and companies, our three founding directors established MetOcean Solutions in 2005 with a vision to invent clever solutions to connect people to the weather information that matters. Altogether, our staff have thousands of hours of experience working at sea. Some of us have worked in the offshore industry; others have spent years collecting marine data. As a team, we understand the ocean and know what it is like to work at sea.

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