Governor’s Cup – Black Cat Reports

gov cup - black cat onboard WPM$8F15

The following report was received from Black Cat who is competing in the Governor’s Cup Race from Simonstown to St Helena.

Hi All

Happy New Year from a festive but slow Black Cat. Beach Boys is playing in
the cockpit and Cathy and Shaun are singing along. However we are only
sailing at a slow 6 knots. Well you cant have it all. Sun Sea Fun And well
little wind.

The last few days have been great. Following winds and great sailing.
After our bouncy start we settled in very quickly to life aboard
We got into the watch system and cooking, cleaning etc was just
part of the daily routine.

Heading up the coast our plan was to stay on the eastern side of the rum
line however best laid plans of men and mice, and we were pushed further
and further west. Finally a break and the wind shifted in our favour we
could head back to plan. The sailing was fantastic apart from the 20 or so
broaches a day and the constant water in the bilges. To our horror the
beating we were giving the boat had damaged an already old (now 20 years)
water tank and our fresh water became bilge water. Not to worry on with the
water maker and all is great.
Our next little hurdle was a small hole in the main sail just above the
second spreader. This lead to a venture up the mast and some fantastic
views of the boat and Atlantic. Hole fixed without a hitch and full speed
ahead.  And was it that!

With good wind we were flying getting three days of 200 miles a day.
Now our next challenge is this high pressure and how to pass it.

Anyway the crew are very well and great fun has been had by all. Except Shaun
who decided that cleaning the bilges is a better job than making food. We
could hear the screams from the galley, Babes (Andrea) where are you now. He
is quite a sight with his tuxedo tan in the galley completely out of his

Sophie on the other hand has been celebrating her passing Luderitz for the
last day. (To those who don’t know Sophie has had to stop there the last two
races held) Mike Black Cat might be old and Ray of Light new and beautiful,
but at least we go Sophie this far! Ha Ha.

We do have to apologies for our tracker however after three moves and loads
of checks it is now on deck under the tiller. Thanks to Dale and Clarence for
all the help.

To finish off we had a surprise visit from Captain Greenway and the RMS St
Helena last night. Nice to see the good ship again in all her party glory
with lights music and a lot of flashes and a very loud horn. This however did
give Sophie and Cathy another chance for a “selfie”.

We will now head on and write soon.

Cheers and enjoy your hangovers,
Wavy and the Black Cat crew.

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