Could this be the knot that never fails?

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by Captain John Jamieson

What qualities make a ‘need to know’ sailing knot? I believe they include easy to tie, easy to untie, above average safety and security, and one that can be tied in trying conditions like rough seas, nighttime, or rain squalls.

The tough but super simple to tie ‘Round Turn and Two Half-Hitches’ can be used to tie up small craft to a mooring ring, a ‘starter’ knot for lashings, or tying or untying a knot with line under load or strain. And yes that does include your sailboat. Oh sure, there are more secure knots for long term mooring, but this one could be the one you need in a pinch. If you’ve ever tried to tie a bowline under strain, you will know what I mean. But this handy knot can do just that and more!

In his classic ‘The Complete Rigger’s Apprentice’, renowned rigging expert Brion Toss leads off his discussion on one of sailing’s most forgotten, yet most secure knots: ‘The old salts say that ‘a round turn and two half hitches never fail’, and it’s pretty nearly true.’

Check out these seven super uses of the round turn and two half-hitches to decide if this might be right for you…

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