A Hot Tip from Sophie Ciszek, crew on MAPFRE

Life on board MAPFRE when you don’t have enough time for yourself! Sophie Ciszek catching some personal time while on watch.
Photo by Ugo Fonolla/Volvo Ocean Race

Sophie is hot property on the Volvo Ocean race as she is a top crew who adds immense value to every boat she sails on.

Here she offers advice on how to prepare for bad weather.

How do you prepare mentally for a stage with conditions as hard as those that can be found in the Volvo Ocean Race?

Mentally I always prepare for the worst scenario. That is, if the forecast is for 40 knots, I tell myself it will be 50, with huge waves… I make myself a very ugly mental picture, a situation of what could be really bad, and then I feel ready.

And here is what inspires her to go to sea.

What inspires you at sea that you can’t get anywhere else?

When I’m sailing, that feeling when you’re outside, in the middle of the ocean, you can not see land, you forget the madness of the world … I really like it, it’s something you do not feel on land, something you only have when you leave and you’re surrounded by the sea.

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