505 Worlds. Largier & Hutton-squire Are Top South Africans

pic by Christophe Favreau

by Richard Crockett

5 RSA teams competed in the event with the top RSA team being that of James Largier and Richard Hutton-Squire in 22nd spot in a fleet of 89 boats. That’s not too shabby a result in what is always a hot fleet.

In 26th spot were Alexander and Jonathan Ham who were also the second youth team overall – this too being a not too shabby result.

From all accounts the competition was red hot despite Americans Mike Martin and Adam Lowry winning without having to race the final 2 races!

It was not all plain sailing for this due as in race 7 centerboard broke at its mounting hole. They managed keep the board in place by wedging a paddle in the centerboard case and still managed a highly respectable 4th place finish.

And that was not the end of it as in a show of great sportsmanship, Parker Shinn and Eric Anderson who were 3rd overall at the time offered their spare centerboard. Mike Holt and Carl Smit who were 2nd overall sent their coach ashore to get the board and give it to the top team. Having swapped the centreboard on the water they managed another 4th for the day – and were far enough ahead on points to be able to miss the final 2 races and still win.

This was sportsmanship at its best.