“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Terry Lene – SA Envoy

Sharkey, specially designed for the light Neapolitan conditions, sported a lofty 54-foot triple spreader mast.

by Richard Crockett

Sadly ‘Terry Lene’ did not perform in the One Ton Cup as had been hoped, and despite a top-notch crew.

The crew aboard ‘Terry Lene’, South Africa’s entry at the One Ton Worlds this year, feel they put up a good performance in spite of being placed 17th in a fleet of 27 top-line international competitors.

“It is unrealistic to compare ‘Terry Lene’s’ (ex ‘Archangel’) performance this year to the account she gave of herself at Rhode Island when she notched a third at the One Ton Worlds last year,” Dave Abromowitz said.

“All in all there were 27 boats competing with about 20 of them having been specially built for this event, bearing in mind the conditions that exist in Naples in June. These same boats may possibly be obsolete next year when the event is to be held in Cork, Ireland, during August. This gives an indication of the type of money being spent on the sport”.

Without owners like Dania Baikoff and sponsors like Terry Lene our local yachties simply would not experience sailing at the pointy end of the sport, nor learn just what it takes to campaign and win a World Championship. Fortunately our lads were great ambassadors for our country and had high hopes of being able to entice a few of the top skippers to our events.

The reports from both Yachtsman RSA and SA Yachting are included today.

READ THE YACHTSMAN RSA REPORT HERE:  Pages from 1980 09 – Yachtsman RSA – OCR

READ THE SA YACHTING REPORT HERE:  Pages from 1980 08 – SA Yachting – OCR


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