“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Some ‘Natal’ Dabbie News

F Myburgh – only girl skipper sailing for Westerford High School A-team.

by Richard Crockett

Today I have selected an interesting piece to open with as it shows just how proud some Natal schools were of their sailing teams.

Written under the “Durban Doings” headline, the opening paragraph said: “When a Durban newspaper recently announced in all innocence and good faith that Hilton College had become the first South African school to found its own yacht club, more knowledgeable people sat back with interest to await the reaction.

“It came swiftly.”

READ MORE HERE:  Pages from 1962 01-02 – SA Yachting – OCR

In “Dabchick Class News” in the 1962 May/June issue of SA Yachting there was a delightful story of a home-built Dabchick being painted in the lounge! Plus more interest news too.

READ MORE HERE:  Pages from 1962 05-06 – SA Yachting – OCR

I have also dug out an interesting letter from the Island Sailing Club written, in 1959, to the Editor of SA Yachting Magazine about the first Dabchick class races in Durban, and attaching two newspaper cuttings.

READ THE LETTER HERE:  dabchick ISC Letter – 1959 03 10 – 000556

READ THE FIRST NEWSPAPER CUTTING HERE:  dabchick 1959 03 09 – 000557

READ THE SECOND NEWSPAPER CUTTING HERE:  dabchick 1959 03 06 – 000558_Redacted

To close there are two pics of identifiable Dabchick sailors I have included which I missed in earlier posts. More pics, all of unidentified people and boats, will follow tomorrow.

1981 03 03. Skipper – L Dutton Lance and crew G Steyn of St Andrews. 7th overall Dabbie class.

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