“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. SA 1971 Admiral’s Cup Teams

1971 Admiral’s Cup – Bester Brothers’ Jacaranda Team. Bruce Dailing, behind the wheel, and his merry men on board Jakaranda. On the left behind Peter Cardwell and Cliff Leih, is John Sully.

By Richard Crockett

I do enjoy capturing some real gems when scanning and digitising old archive material as I come across some treasures like the four Admiral’s Cup competitions South African teams competed in.

Today I will concentrate on the 1971 team, but sadly do not have a full team list available, so followers of this blog will have to glean that info from the photos used.

1971 was our first foray into the Admiral’s Cup, and a real eye-opener it was too.

Our three-yacht team was as follows:
Jakaranda – Bruce Dalling
Mercury – Gordon Neill as skipper
Omuramba – Ken Warr

There’s lots to read today – and enjoy the team pics too.

READ THE FULL REPORT HERE:  1971 09 – SA Yachting – S&A – OCR

1971 Admiral’s Cup. Omuramba crew
front L-R. Hans Berker sitting, Keith Bellamy – Johnny Kipps.
Back L-R. Peter Muzik, David Abromowitz, Peter Cardwell leaning forward and 2 unidentified.
1971 Admiral’s Cup – Golden Fleece crew. Gordon Neill at the wheel. John Gordon-Thompson, Paul Green, Johan Louter and Bruce McCurrach to his right. In front of the wheel is Chris Talbot.

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