“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Not Just A Storm in A Teacup

by Richard Crockett

“It’s the Real Thing Buddy – the Lipton Cup” said the subhead.

The Lipton Cup is the most fiercely contested sailing event in this country as there is a lot of prestige for the Club which wins it as it is, after all, an inter-club contest. So both on and off the water it’s tense and uncompromising.

“Every year a selected South African port is lashed with a strange phenomenon, more unpredictable than a hurricane and almost as fierce, as Lipton Cup sailors blow into town.
“They gather for the country’s premier yachting event – a no-holds barred contest in which old sailing buddies who’ve been crewing together since they could barely climb over a transom draw their cutlasses and slash wildly at each other.”

READ THE FULL REPORT HERE:  1996 09 08 Lipton – 001677 – OCR

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