“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Laser Slalom

by Richard Crockett

The Laser Nationals report last week had “lots of legs” and stirred up an immense amount of interest from old “Japie” Laser sailors who now live in a myriad of different places around the world.

So here’s another one, the annual Natal Laser Slalom event which was always good fun for both competitors and spectators alike as there was tons of action both on and off the water.

I am surprised that this type of Laser event has not caught on and occur more often? Maybe it’s time to resurrect it and have a National Slalom contest – with qualifiers on a regional basis in advance?

How’s that for a plan?

Comments please.

READ THE FULL REPORT HERE:  1980 03 – Yachtsman RSA – pgs 20 & 21 – 002206