“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. 15 New Dabbie Pics

by Richard Crockett

Just 15 new pics today I am afraid. Enjoy them and please let me have names, dates and any info possible so that captions can be added and/or updated.

Please also share with other Dabbie sailors.

Nicky Matter between races. He won two of the races but slipped back in some of the others. He was ill in the last race so his 20th place overall was excellent.

Herda Silverman. Winner of the trophy for the highest placed girl skipper.

Lynnette Gibbons of Benoni Sailing Club standing between her own and her brother’s Dabchicks, whilst Ivan can be seen in the background working on his sister’s Dabchick.

Christopher King (next to the mast) was placed 2nd overall. His mast is quite something being composite aluminium and spruce.