Sprog ‘Sensation’

Sprog 2 was ‘Smiler’ and owned by Peter Senn.

In August last year I published some info and pics under the heading “Sprog Memories’. (READ IT HERE)

Just recently Chris Grylls, now living in the Hamble, sent me the following info and pics. He writes that:

Sprog 2, ‘Smiler’, owned by Peter Senn and crewed by Chris Grylls.

The original Sprog 2 was ‘Smiler’ also owned by Peter Senn. ‘Sensation’ was built for Peter Senn by Beehive Builders in Port Elizabeth. They built many Sprogs, and later Wingers, amongst some other dinghies. She originally had an all-varnished hull with a pale yellow deck.

I thought these pics taken circa 1959 would be of interest. Peter Senn skippering (helming – ghastly term!) and me crewing in a really stiff South Easter at Toft’s Corner on the Swartkops River at Redhouse. We were fit and skinny 19-20 year-olds, holding her reasonably comfortably and

Sprog 2, ‘Smiler’, helmed by Peter Senn and crewed by Chris Grylls.

having one of the sails of our lives – one always to be remembered. We could pick our line to sail towards the photographer, Peter’s mother Cherry, and pump it. A bit hairy as the broad reach was across the river some 80 odd metres wide at that point. The ‘white-out’ was mind blowing with the jetty not too far in front. But what a ride, the fastest I ever went in a Sprog. Great little seaboats!

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