Round the Island Race – provisional results

RTIR Keelboats 2014

Provisional results are available here:

LDYC-RTIR 2014 Provisional

320 entrants registered of whom 194 finished – which is extraordinary considering the absolutely foul storm which erupted about an hour after the third and last start (Keelboats). Pelting rain, thunder and lightning and pea soup mist which reduced visibility to less than 15 meters at times. A dozen or so catamarans following a Dart completely missed the turn at the Island because they simply couldn’t see it and ended up at Bayshore from where they had a long stretch back to join the race course!

1 Alex Garoufalias       Gypsey Girl    Gypsey
2 Euan Hurter             Serendipity    29er
3 Rob Tarboton           Funtastic    29er
4 Richard Weddell     No Name        49er
5 Dave Hodgson         Chihili        Mistral Fin

Line Honours
1 Wolf D Seitz               QE2        Nacra F20
2 Marc Hammick        Nacra F20    Nacra F20
3 Richard Weddell      No Name        49er
4 Charles Girard          Drop the Clutch    Hobie Tiger
5 Tyrone Hammick    NacraF18    Nacra F18

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