Musto Skiff Worlds – Bruce Keen leads the Fleet

Musto Skiffs in action
Musto Skiffs in action

Is it a case of like father like son, or is it simply that he’s a ‘japie’ and can sail really well having been schooled in his sailing skills in Cape Town?

Whatever it is, Bruce Keen has the legs on the rest of the fleet as he heads the World Championships with a healthy lead over the fleet, and must simply keep his nose clean today, the final day, to win overall.

In the 6 races so far he has won two, finished second in two and has a 5th as a discard – giving him a 13 point lead over his nearest rival.

So follow his progress – and do whatever it takes to will him on his way to overall victory. It would be really good to claim that we have another World Champ from our country.

Incidentally, Bruce’s father is Alan Keen, a hot Laser sailor who came within a hairs breath of winning the Laser Masters Worlds in Canada a few months back. He was awarded 2nd place after the tie-break. And, Bruce’s brother-in-law is Mark Sadler – another world famous yachtie.

The Musto Skiff is a great boat – just ask SAS Chairman Peter Hall who sails one occasionally!

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