Cape to Rio Race – First 24-Hour Damage Reported

c2r 2014 explora 1B5O5323s
Explora has reported engine problems.
pic by Trevor Wilkins

The organisewrs have reported the following:

BLACK CAT has reported a problem with rudder and is proceeding back to Cape Town, one crew has a sprained ankle but all are well….

PEEKAY have reported sail problems and are proceeding to Saldanha Bay, crew all well.

EXPLORA have reported engine flooded but all well and will attend to the problem in calmer conditions.

ISLA, have reported both engines inoperable, but generator working. PEEKAY have reported receiving a PAN-PAN from ISLA.

BILLE, Reported mainsail problem and that they were proceeding back to Cape Town for repairs, when they lost a man overboard. He was recovered and is well, but in the process they damaged the rear platform and cannot close it properly.

The only yacht we have not had communication with is AVOCET and we are working on the problem.

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