Cape to Rio race – day 16 results & position reports


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Getting to Rio is proving to be a lot more difficult than some may have envisaged.

Overnight Scarlet Runner crossed the line after a highly frustrating 24 hours of little to no wind.Her elapsed time was 15 Days, 5 Hours, 1 minute and 53 seconds, which puts her firmly in second spot overall.

The light winds simply extrapolates to lower average speeds and shorter days runs.

Despite her size Explora only managed 173nm at an average speed of 7.21 knots, meanwhile Iskareen, almost half her size did just 1nm less, although Privateer, the 40-footer managed 187nm.

Explora is now in that notoriously dead and windless patch between Cabo Frio and Rio with just 51nm to go.

I have been fascinated by the performance of Iskareen as she has shown a good turn of speed most of the race, and has undoubtedly put the fear of god into the two guys on Privateer as she has been about 100nm or so behind them for many days now – a great performance.

Again, for the umpteenth day running, the overall handicap positions have not changed.

With three boats now having under 500 miles to the finish, we should start seeing boats finish on a daily basis within a few days.

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