Cape to Rio Race 2014 – Results & Position Reports day 4

c2r 2014 privateer
pic by Trevor Wilkins

Now that the ‘storm’ is over the fleet appears on the tracker to be settling down into serious “let’s get to Rio” mode. I like the look of some boats, and wonder what the ‘BH’ others are doing. But that’s yacht racing, navigation, tactics and weather routing – some get it right and others get it horribly wrong.

Privateer, being sailed 2-up, is the northern-most boat in the fleet.

Maserati still leads in Class 1 and is flying at just under 18 knots. Scarlet Runner and Explora are behind her on line and handicap positions in that order. It is interesting that Explora (at the time of reporting) was significantly slower than the other two – not that it means she has problems – it’s probably she is in a light patch.

Yolo, another being sailed just 2-up, leads Class 2 with JML Rotary Scout having dropped to 4th. Yolo is one of the most southern boats in the fleet – an interesting move as the bulk of the fleet is looking at making some ‘northing’. Time will tell whether this was a good decision or not. Vulcan 44 is second on handicap, and being a good 10-foot longer is surprisingly behind Yolo on distance. This means that Dale Kushner and Ian Coward are sailing hard and well.

Tulliana, a Leopard Cat, leads the multihull fleet.

Of interest is that Amtec Wits Alladin is within 10 nautical miles of Nomad Yacht Charters. One wonders whether the Wits students aren’t in need of some R&R aboard the cat?

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