470 Junior Worlds – RSA 7 & 31

Asenathi Jim & Alex Burger
Asenathi Jim & Alex Burger

Winds have been light since the start of this event with racing yesterday only starting after 16h00 when the local thermal breeze (the “boukadoura”) appeared with an intensity of over 6 knots. An hour later, after the race had started, it built to 8 knots and reached 13 knots.

The weather forecast for the next few days is challenging as the heat wave and the lack of winds until late afternoon may constrain racing somewhat.

Asenathi and Alex have made the Gold fleet and Brevan and Josh the Silver fleet.
Results to date:
7 Asenathi Jim & Alex Burger                         BFD; 1; 6; 10; 1
31 Brevan Thompson & Josh Rubenstein    16; 12; 21; 9; 15

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