YB3i – The Ultimate GPS Tracking Device

PredictWind now offers the premier tracking device in the marine market – the YB3i. Unrivalled in its reliability and trusted by mariners the world over.

The YB3i GPS tracking device is now affordable for every boat. Powered by Iridium technology, full GPS tracking coverage is available anywhere on the planet. Show your boats position on a personalized PredictWind GPS tracking page that features the current weather and your boat blog posts.

GPS tracking is a well proven safety feature for all boats with hourly updates, allowing family and friends to check your position and giving confidence that you are safely on course. For those who are away from their boats, the low running cost allows them to monitor their boat year round.

The YB3i will work on all boats, as the GPS unit is mounted above decks, and is a dedicated marine GPS tracking device permanently powered by the boat’s battery. The waterproof rating of IP-68 means it can be exposed to the elements year round, and the outstanding accuracy and very low power draw allows the internal battery to last 1 month in the event of a power failure.

Learn more about the YB3i HERE 

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