Yacht Were You Thinking?

An A-Z of Boat Names Good and Bad.
By Jonathan Eyers

review by Richard Crockett

Boat names are something we all have different thoughts on. Some we love, some we hate and at others we simply shake our heads in despair as they are quite simply embarrassing. Good ones are very rare.

One also needs to remember that a boat name could affect its resale value as some people are superstitious enough NOT to want to rename it.

What I thought would be an interesting read actually turned out to be a disappointment, which was a pity as I was looking forward to the read. I just felt that the book laboured in some areas, and some descriptions and explanations were simply boring. Quite simply it did not live up to expectation.

Not everyone will feel this way, and I did enjoy some parts immensely.

Some of the common names take a pasting from the author. At Last; Dream Weaver; Endless Summer; Magic; Miss Behavin’; Second Wind; Therapy and more are amongst those. Interestingly Therapy is one of the top 10 names from the 1990s and is so common it’s boring!

I love the section entitled ‘Don’t even go there’. Between the Sheets; Boatox; Bucket List; Bucking Float; Comfortably Numb; Inheritance; Liquid Asset; Mayday (yes there are boats with this name); Prozac; She Got the House; Sunseeker; YOLO and more fall into this category.

So if you are thinking of naming, or re-naming your boat, this is a book for you – unless of course you want to fall into the trap of choosing one of the most common boat names around!

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