Vasco da Gama Race – skipper profile pics

Here are profile pics of the skippers in the 2015 Vasco da Gama Ocean Race

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Entry List
Al Mount Gay Rum    Rob van Rooyen
Majimoto                     Jon Marshall
Nemesis                       Anthony Bailes
Bellissama                   Vernon & James Goss
Bellatrix                       Gregg Hurter
Gumption                    Nicholas Mace
Ray of Light                Michael & Heidi Kavanagh
Rocket                         Herbert Karolius
Alkistis                       Christo Moller
Star Spirit                  Willie Pretorius
Numzaan                   Ron Schwalbach
Deo Volente              Trevor Donald
Alacrity                      Dave Taylor
Skitzo                         Nigel Milln
Wallbanger               John Tudehope
HQ2                          Grenville Wilson
Nomad                     Craig Deverson

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The race starts at 12h00 tomorrow (Saturday 25 April).

Christo Moller - Alkistis
Christo Moller – Alkistis
Craig Deverson - Nomad
Craig Deverson – Nomad
David Taylor - Alacrity
David Taylor – Alacrity
Gregg Hurter - Bellatrix
Gregg Hurter – Bellatrix
Grenville Wilson - HQ2
Grenville Wilson – HQ2
Heidi Kavanagh
Heidi Kavanagh
Herbert Karolius - Rocket
Herbert Karolius – Rocket
John Tudehope - Wallbanger
John Tudehope – Wallbanger
Jon Marshall - Majimoto
Jon Marshall – Majimoto
Michael & Heidi Kavanagh
Michael & Heidi Kavanagh
Michael Kavanagh
Michael Kavanagh
Neville Bransby & Trevor Donald
Neville Bransby & Trevor Donald
Neville Bransby - Deo Volente
Neville Bransby – Deo Volente
Nicholas Mace - Gumption
Nicholas Mace – Gumption
Nigel Milln - Skitzo
Nigel Milln – Skitzo
Robert van Rooyen - AL Mount Gay Rum
Robert van Rooyen – AL Mount Gay Rum
Ron Schwalbach - Numzaan
Ron Schwalbach – Numzaan
Siggi Bailes - Nemesis
Siggi Bailes – Nemesis
Tony Bailes - Nemesis
Tony Bailes – Nemesis
Trevor Donald - Deo Volente
Trevor Donald – Deo Volente
Vernon Goss - Bellissama
Vernon Goss – Bellissama
Willie Pretorius - Star Spirit
Willie Pretorius – Star Spirit


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