The Top 10 Hobie 16 Sailors meet

Roxanne & Blaine Dodds
Roxanne & Blaine Dodds

The Hobie Cat World has brought together the 10 best Hobie 16 teams to a regatta on the popular island of Sylt off Northern Germany. Ten thousand of spectators come to the beach of the island Westerland to watch exciting races live in the waves of the North Sea.

The Hobie World Cat is an invitation regatta in which teams from all over the world can apply. The organizers will then decide which team will get one of the famous starting numbers – and just 10 entries are possible.

Competing are:
New Zealand
South Africa

South Africa is represented by Blaine & Roxanne Dodds.

After 5 races and 1 discard, the results are:
1. AUS 7
2. DEN 11
3. RSA 13
4, GER 15
5, USA 15
6. BRA 15
7, NED 23
8. IND 25
9. POL 31
10. CAN 44

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