“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Wonderful Old Keeler Pics


by Richard Crockett

Here’s a collection of pics of old ocean going yachts to enjoy.

If anyone has any info on any of these, please share it with me personally (email: editor@sailing.co.za) or use the REPLY button.

‘Abgwe’ I know nothing about.

‘Appledore’ was an international yacht which called at Durban and Cape Town during her circumnavigation.

‘Andante’, if it is indeed the same yacht, was once registered in Durban and owned by a B M McKenzie and was of the Kinney class.

‘Fiesta’ is another unknown, so info would be appreciated.

‘Figaro’, as far as I can remember, was owned by Ted Kuttel in the mid-seventies, and is seen racing here in a Rothmans Week, probably in 1978.

‘Flica’, according to my records, was at one point owned by a D Nortje of Simonstown is of a Rhodes design.

I draw a complete blank with ‘La Mer’, so info would be appreciated.

‘Leona’ also draws a complete blank, as does Mischief, so if anyone has info please share it.

La Mer

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