“Talking Sailing” from my archives. Who Knows the Ultra Dinghy?

The Ultra Dinghy.

By Richard Crockett

There is no better time to share the design of the Ultra dinghy that jumped off a page this morning while scanning the January 1968 issue of SA Yachting. Why? Well the headline said it all: “McWilliams’ Latest – Even Sproggier”!

Could ANYTHING be more Sproggier than a Sprog – I doubt it?

McWilliams explained the Ultra dinghy as follows: “This design is based on the Sprog, the idea being to produce a boat which is much easier and less expensive to build but having a similar performance.

“The lines of the hull are almost identical but slightly wider in the quarters, and the height of the topsides is reduced by a few inches; the bottom, from the after end of the platebox to the transom, is developed as an arc. This allows the keelson to be dispensed with aft, and only a single section bailer, on the centerline, is required.

The full article is here for all to read and more about it.

I don’t think it ever took off as I have never seen another reference to it, not even in the book “Yachting in Southern Africa” by Anthony Hocking.

Maybe he was simply flying a kite? Whatever it was, this dinghy appeared to be a damp squib!

READ THE ARTICLE HERE:  1968 01 – SA Yachting – pgs 22-24

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