“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Vasco Race Start Postponed, So More Pics From Days of Yore

by Richard Crockett

The Vasco da Gama Race, due to start at 11h00 this morning has been postponed – until when is anyone’s guess as that decision has not been communicated as far as I can see.

Be that as it may, it gives me an opportunity to post more pics from the Vasco races of yore. So enjoy these.

Maybe it’s worth revisiting the start decision?

Early this morning my spies in Durban tell me that the wind was blowing about 25-30 knots from the South West with rain. But as the morning has progressed I have seen pics of rainbows in the Durban skies, as well as quite large patches of blue sky.

The weather models show that the wind will keep moderating all day, especially the further South down the coast one goes, while a little rain has never harmed a sailor as I have always found that it takes the rough edges off the sea. Plus, it’s preferable to have fresh water running down your spine than salt water! And yes, many years ago I learnt the tricks to avoid that nasty trickle!

Let’s hope that they get on with it soon as the weather is looking like producing conditions conducive to a great race. I am looking forward to following the fleet and will bring you details as and when I can. So stay tunes to this Blog and the SAILING Facebook pages.

Enjoy the pics and please SHARE, LIKE and COMMENT.

1988 Vasco. Carol King with Martin and Julian Goldswain,13, from Zoroaster – fourth on handicap.
1988 Vasco. Bridge crew Jill Evans, Race Officer Peter Collins, Joan Berlin and Race Secretary Nancy Pierce-Jones.
1979 Vasco. Soundwave in either the 1978 or 1979 race. She was skippered by Neil Bailey.
Vasco. Black Magic the Petersen 33 skippered by Paul Steinhardt.
Vasco. Lady Gaye skippered by Fred Smith battling in the light conditions.
1977 Vasco. Ambre was skippered by Steve Hoare in the 1977 race to East London.
pic by Mike Rushworth
Vasco. Durbans Bluff nearly abaem of Sea Jade just after the start of the 1977 Vasco da Gama Race start.
pic by Mike Rushworth
Vasco. Shaya Moya leading the fleet away with Helga (SA 646); Lady Shamrock and the L26 Cape of Good Hope in the background.
pic by Mike Rushworth
Vasco. Red Amber well reefed down as she heads out to the start.
Vasco. Shaya Moya – the M&W 40 skippered by Brian Tocknell.
pic by Mike Rushworth


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