“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Vasco Pic Selection From the ‘80s

Vasco. The Miura Xanadu. Skipper looks like Peter Goldsmith?
pic by Mike Rushworth

by Richard Crockett

Just a very few words today I have become frustrated with not being able to identify from which year many of these pics are, so I have started a Vasco race results database which is taking a lot of time to produce as most of the results have to be inputted manually.

However I am forging along and slowly building a formidable database of Vasco info.

There will be words tomorrow (Friday) when I preview the 2022 Vasco da Gama Race which starts on Sunday – 22 May 2022.

Vasco. Magic Carpet & Nyati preparing to clear harbour for the start. Full foulies due to the inclement weather.
Vasco. Close Again an L34, skippered by Terry Clarence and owned by Roy Close.
Vasco. The RCOD Resolve.
picby Mike Rushworth
1987 Vasco. Ilse and Solar Wind.
1987 Vasco. To windward is Magic, a Compass 47, owned by Ronnie de Jager and Hot Touch the Farr 38.
1987 Vasco. Revelation a Lavranos 40 owned by Val Hendrie and skippered by Brian Tocknell.
L-R. John Banfield; Geoff Williams; Brian Tocknell & Steve Rogers.
1987 Vasco. The L34 Sunseeker – skippered by Colin Carey and crewed by many in lifesaving circles.
1987 Vasco. Hot Touch – a Farr 38. Mickey Schwartz clambering back aboard after checking that all was well with the propellor and keel.
1987 or 1988 Vasco. Madam Pazzazz – a Farr 38. She may have been owned at the time by Pieter Coetzee who now live sin the USA.
1986 Vasco. The RCOD Sun Tonic skippered by Tommy Martin. On the left of him is John Burn, and sitting on the pushpit is a guy I know well, but whose name I simply cannot remember.
1986 or 1987 Vasco. Kiga – an IOR one-tonner designed by Angelo Lavranos.
1983 Vasco. Another view of Sensation and her crew settling her down for the long slog to East London.
pic by Mike Rushworth
1983 Vasco. Sensation skippered by Neil Bailey heading away from the start and towards East London.
pic by Mike Rushworth
1983 Vasco. John Bentley the Race Officer with Nancy Pierce-Jones and Mike Battle, Commodore of East London Yacht Club.
pic by Mike Rushworth
1983 or 1984 Vasco. Fantasy, a Charger 33.
pic by MIke Rushworth
1982 Vasco. Moonshadow and Force 8.
1982 Vasco. Morty & Shaya Moya battle in the lights winds at the start.
1981 Vasco. Morty, A Miura to windward of Shaya Moya in a light wind start.
1980 or 1982 Vasco. Bob Nuttall skippered an Impact 30 in the race and is seen here at prizegiving with Nancy Pierce-Jones. This could either have been aboard Blue Max in 1980 or Charisma in 1982.
pic by Richard Crockett

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