“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Plymouth Mayor to Cable Dalling

Bruce Dalling

by Richard Crockett

In all my scribblings about Bruce Dalling I have done my level best to portray him as a humble man and fair sportsman, which he was, and which are traits that have to be admired.

As a result he was admired throughout the sailing world, and someone people simply needed to acknowledge and heap praise on.

Captain Terrance Shaw who organised the race in which Dalling finished second, said this about him: “Dalling’s personality, his courage and sportsmanship during the race will be remembered here for many years. He will never be short of a welcome in Plymouth which has seen many great sailors”. High praise indeed.

He was a great man and a wonderful ambassador for our sport on the international stage.

READ MORE HERE:  1968 10 03 – Rand Daily Mail – Bruce Dalling Archives – S&A – 003063

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