“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Old Square Rigger Route to Good Hope

Speedwell hauled out at Recife, Brazil. Square-rigger men knew the place as Pernambuco.

by Richard Crockett

Amongst the photos I requested info for last week, several ultimately mentioned John Goodwin, so today I will share a passage he did from English Harbour, BWI, to Cape Town in his Laurent Giles-designed four-tonner ‘Speedwell’.

“The whole weeks’ stay was taken up with preparation for the first long leg of the voyage to South Africa, the 2,000 miles between Barbados and Brazil. ‘Speedwell’ sank day by day a we loaded the stores aboard and eventually the Blue Peter was hoisted” he reported.

Now my question is simply this: do yachties hoist the Blue Peter today?

Goodwin was a fine sailor, and a good writer too, so this passage report of his makes fascinating reading for those who love passage-making.

READ IT HERE:  Speedwell & John Goodwin – 1958 09-10 – SA Yachting – OCR

John Goodwin spear fishing at Mustique in the Grenadines.

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