“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Nothing Beats A Royal Flush

Royal Flush – an IOR 1/4-tonner.

by Richard Crockett

In mid-1985 news filtered back to these shores that Geoff Meek and his crew of Neil Gregory and Cliffie Barnett had won the 1/4-Ton Worlds in Corsica against some of the latest and best out-of-the-box yachts in the world.

They were sailing the Angelo Lavranos designed ‘Royal Flush’ which had been specially designed and built for the 1982 Lipton Cup.

There is some discrepancy in these reports as to who the exact crew was, with Steve van der Westhuizen being named in one report, and Joe Barnett in another. That matters not a jot any longer as the bottom line is a South African crew won the Word Championships against all odds.

This was no walkover victory for the “Jaapies”, but rather a typical “vasbyt” and push right to the bitter end kinda victory. They had some luck go their way, but everyone benefits from luck at some point in their sailing careers.

For the rules boffins there was a decision by the international jury which also adds to the spice and which assisted them to victory.

It’s a long and very interesting story, and one well worth taking the time off with a good cup of coffee to read the three reports from beginning to end.

AUGUST 1985 SA YACHTING REPORT:  Pages from 1985 08 – SA Yachting – OCR

SEPTEMBER 1985 SA YACHTING REPORT:  Pages from 1985 09 – SA Yachting – OCR

SEPTEMBER 1985 YACHTSMAN RSA REPORT:  Pages from 1985 09 – SAILING Magazine – OCR

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