“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Nice Girl Gets A Sailor

By Richard Crockett

There’s lot’s of Lipton Cup news to share today, and a pic of Anthony Steward and his radiant bride Sue Middleton under the caption “Nice Girl Gets A Sailor”.

“Twice in A Row for Royal Cape”. In 1987 RCYC retained the Lipton Cup for the second successive time under the command of Etienne van Cuyck.
READ IT HERE:  1987 08 29 – S&A – 000285

“Sweet Win for Joko”. The Lipton Tea Challenge, SA’s grand prix sailing extravaganza, was recaptured by the Royal Cape Yacht Club in a tactical dance choreographed by Etienne van Cuyck, skipper of Joko 11.
READ IT HERE:  1987 08 29 – S&A – 000290

“Grumblings Over Lipton Result”. The final race was abandoned due to the wind, with some competitors saying the decision was unfair.
READ IT HERE:  1992 08 29 – S&A – 425 59

“Lipton Sailors Face New Enemy”. Kelp, plastic bags and garbage could present a hidden danger to the Lipton Cup fleet on Sunday when it launches into a Table Bay saturated by the City Bowl’s trash during heavy storms of late.
What’s changed today?
READ IT HERE:  1996 08 29 – S&A – 367

“All-Women Team Set for Lipton Cup”. Constantia resident Gayle McArthur will be taking part in the first all-women crew contesting the 1996 Lipton Challenge Cup.
READ IT HERE:  1996 08 29 Lipton – S&A – 001559 – OCR

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