“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Mykonos Matches the Mood

John Collier holds the trophy and a rich haul of R1000 in notes for winning the final skippers swimming race during the Mykonos Offshore. Oh, and he also won the regatta overall.

by Richard Crockett

The race in 1993 had been moved from April to November, with our correspondent saying that the event was a clear winner, with its success doing much to fix it in the calendar.

Well guess what? It now happens in February every year!

It consisted of the race from Cape Town to Langebaan, two races in the bay on Saturday, plus a final “distance” race on Sunday. There was drama in the race when ‘Ballyhoo’ struck a rock coming out of North Bay. Going at 7 knots the boat stopped dead, with Bruce Savage being thrown forward, his knee crashing through the coachroof window. “Their rudder came right out of the water” said Rick Nankin who was on ‘Scatterling’ just behind them.

Despite the rock incident, ‘Ballyhoo’ continued and finished the race.

There’s lots to read in this report.

READ IT HERE:  Pages from 1993 12 – SAILING Magazine – OCR

Mykonos Race. Touch ’n Go and Ballyhoo.

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