“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. More Photos to Feast the Eyes on

Dave Cox’s Credit Guarantee Solar Wind off Mauritius.
pic by Richard Crockett

By Richard Crockett

As promised, another selection of photos that have not been seen before.

This is purely a random selection of images I have recently scanned so include dinghies and keelboats.


Lanzarac skippered by JJ Provoyeur off Mauritius.
pic by Richard Crockett
The Laser Nationals in July 1997.
pic by Richard Crockett
Youth Nationals on Midmar dam.
pic by Richard Crockett
The Miura Moonpath with all the washing out! Who remembers the Blooper?
pic by Richard Crockett


Ted Kuttel’s original Spilhaus racing off Mauritius in preparation for the 1989 race to Durban. pic by Richard Crockett





Three Spears off Mauritius in 1985. She went on to win on handicap.
pic by Richard Crockett
Could this be a very young Davey James? If so he has graduated to becoming a back-to-back winner of the Lipton Cup and now building the very slippery Cape 31 which cannot be built quick enough to satisfy demand.
Thunderchild dowsing her big kite during Rothmans Week.
SAA Voortrekker II in Lisbon having taken Line Honours in the Portnet Dias Race 1990.
L-R. William Voermann, Rowen Clark, Barry de Kock, Hanno Teuteberg, John Leighton, Robbie van Wierengen, Dave Collins.
pic by Richard Crockett


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