“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Heaving-To

by Richard Crockett

Due to the stormy weather on the South African coast a few days ago, this article may well be timeous and a pertinent reminder, indeed a refresher, on actions one may take when caught in a viscous storm.

It was written by Robin Knox-Johnston, so the authors credentials are impeccable.

“When the prevailing weather conditions reach the point where it is no longer safe or comfortable to continue sailing, the time has come to heave-to. This means taking the way off the boat and allowing her to lie as comfortably as possible” said Knox-Johnston.

It’s a good read, a good refresher, and sound knowledge to stow in the back of one’s mind for when the time comes to put his sage advice into practice.

READ IT ALL HERE:  Pages from 1985 07 – SAILING Magazine – OCR

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