“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Dalling Pauses At St Helena

Arthur Holgate’s ‘Lorraine’ under full sail.

By Richard Crockett

Bruce Dalling and his crew of Gordon Webb and Bobby Bongers stopped at St Helena Island on their passage to the Azores and ultimately Plymouth, and missed the record for that passage by just three hours.

The record of 9 days and 23 hours for that passage from Cape Town to St Helena was set three years previously by Arthur Holgate’s 75-footer ‘Lorraine. In comparison, ‘Lorraine’ had a working sail area of 5,200 square feet of canvas compared to ‘Voortrekker’s’ 3,200 square feet.

‘Trekker’s’ passage was nonetheless an exceptionally fast one, giving an early indication that she was a fast yacht.

READ MORE HERE:  1968 03 13 – Argus – Bruce Dalling Archives – S&A – 002334_Redacted – OCR

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