“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. Comedy of Errors on Zeekoe Vlei

by Richard Crockett

I could not resist sharing two additional newspaper cuttings today that covered sailing on Zeekoe Vlei in 1937 and 1946.

The subhead in the 1937 report stated “Yachtsmen Take the Wrong Turning!” with the opening paragraph reading as follows:
On Sunday the yachtsmen sailing on Zeekoe Vlei experienced the first South-Easter of the season. Though it was far short of gale strength, it was strong enough to make even the biggest boats reef their sails, and the waves near Lotus buoy made beating to windward a decidedly wet business.
READ THE REPORT HERE:  1937 09 14 – S&A dix combined – converted to OCR 11

“Fill the White and Rustling Sail”.
The opening of the season at Zeekoe Vlei this afternoon is a most welcome event for those who go down to this lake to sail, even if it is not attended by quite the same gaiety that marked the meetings of the oldest yachting club in the world two centuries ago.
READ THE REPORT HERE:  1946 09 14 – S&A – dix combined – converted to OCR 71

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