“Talking Sailing” From My Archives. 1973 Rio Race Newspaper Supplements

by Richard Crockett

I am today delighted to be able to share two newspaper supplements from the Argus and the Cape Times.

Both are crammed full of interesting information, including the Argus one which has a full page entitled “Women’s Lib Goes to Sea”!

The Cape Times opened it’s coverage with these words:

“Look at it from whatever angle you like, the Cape-to-Rio race is one of the better things that has happened to and for South Africa in the post war years.

“Not only has it provided our yachtsmen with an opportunity collectively to match their skills with the best in the world; it has also created a sea-mindedness among South Africans that was sadly lacking before 1968, when Bruce Dalling and ‘Voortrekker’ gave the inspiration from which Cape-to-Rio was born.

“The race has “clicked” with the general public from its inception, to a far greater extent than was originally expected. It has brought together, at this Tavern of the Seas, not only sailing men of many nations, but also South Africans of diverse callings and of both language groups who have found common ground in the excitement and in the air of adventure that pervades the Cape-Rio scene.”

Profound words indeed.

READ THE ARGUS SUPPLEMENT HERE:  1973 01 12 – Rio 1973 – stitched final – argus supplement – REDUCED

READ THE CAPE TIMES SUPPLEMENT HERE:  1973 01 13 – Rio 1973 – final stitched – Cape Times Rio Race Supplement – reduced


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