Sprog Memories

Regrettably with each passing day the Sprog becomes less and less significant in terms of local sailing, which is a great pity as this used to be on our ‘powerhouse’ classes.

In the last few days I enjoyed some picture posts on a Sprog WhatsApp group, and now have permission to share them.

Sprog 240
This was posted by Roger Day who says that he and his brother have been collating info about their Dad, and specifically around his passion of sailing. Anthony John Day was Commodore of VLC (Victoria Lake Club) in 1963.

This certificate is of interest to many, not just Sprog sailors.

Does anyone know the history of this certificate, it’s significance, and whether more were issued after this?

Sprog 2 ‘Sensation’
This pic was sent to me by Steve Hegerstrom who says that it was taken in the early ‘60s at Flamingo Yacht Club.

Peter Senn owned the boat, although Hegerstrom is not sure who built her. She was skippered by Andrew Elder. It was a new hull, but registration was taken over from the original No.2 ‘Sensation’ said Hegerstrom.

More information is always welcome, so please post your comments here on this Blog, or mail to: sailing@iafrica.com

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