SAILING Acquires GybeSet

SAILING Publications, the publishers of SAILING Magazine and the new “Talking Sailing” editorial column, have acquired the GybeSet sailing portal.

GybeSet was the brainchild of two passionate sailors, Kirsten Veenstra and Ian MacRobert, who founded the portal at the beginning of 2011 because of their passion for sailing and a need for a sailing news site and portal in South Africa.

GybeSet became South Africa’s ‘One-Stop News Site’ for sailing, covering and encompassing news for all classes of dinghies, keelboats and multihulls – in fact all things sailing.

As GybeSet was run as an after hours project, the pair have found it more time consuming than the free time they had available, hence the need to move it on to someone equally passionate about the sport of sailing, and someone with more resources and time. So that’s where SAILING Publications came in.

“We are delighted that Richard Crockett and SAILING Publications is taking over GybeSet as over the years he has become a good friend and colleague. We could not think of anyone better to create a really incredible sailing asset from the foundation that we have built. Richard’s passion for sailing and expertise in sailing media in South Africa will take SAILING Publications’ GybeSet to a level we could never have done, and we look forward to contributing to this and Sailing Magazine” said Kirsten Veenstra.

“I am delighted to have worked closely with Kirsten over the years, sharing our passion for the promotion and publicity of our sport, and will continue to do so as she and Ian are assets to sailing” said Richard Crockett.

The handover will take some time to integrate with Sailing’s current infrastructure, although every effort is being made to integrate this as seamlessly, smoothly and quickly as possible.

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