SA Yachting Magazine Completely Digitised

Today I completed digitising every issue of SA Yachting Magazine published since the very first issue in November/December 1957 until October 1999. These are all now word-searchable PDF files.

There are 461 magazines in these SA Yachting volumes – now all digitised and word-searchable.

That is a total of 461 magazines, with an estimated total number of pages between 25 and 30 000. It’s a lot of info to digest, and a great relief to have now completed this task.

I have the final 13 years of SAILING Magazine digitised, and will soon start completing that task – scanning from July 1984 to December 2004.

My archives are being populated daily with new info and pics on the sport of sailing in Southern Africa, with the road ahead long yet interesting as I find new material and get reminded about people, events, boats and Club doings that I had forgotten!

So now I have a set of SA Yachting mags to give away to a worthy cause. Contact me if you are interested in them –

I may also consider parting with the bound volumes, but only should a really worthy cause require them and will guarantee their survival.

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