‘Revolutionary’ 50hp DTorque Turbo Diesel Outboard

The new D-Torque diesel outboard engine.

Seascape Marine, through its agency agreement with Yanmar Marine International (YMI), are now offering the Neander Shark DTorque turbo diesel outboard to targeted customers in the commercial offshore, military, fishing, rescue and charter-marine sector.

This engine would also perfectly serve tender boat requirements on large yachts which only store diesel fuel.

The DTorque outboard develops 50hp using a small 804 cm³ turbocharged, twin cylinder diesel aluminium crankcase engine with common-rail fuel injection and a unique dual counter-rotating crankshaft. This means that the outboard is not only light, powerful, clean and fuel-efficient, it is also remarkably smooth in operation as the two crankshafts counterbalance each other and cancel out most of the vibration that a conventional inline two-cylinder diesel block could be expected to produce.

Peaking at 111 Nm @ just 2 500 r/min gives the DTorque exceptional lugging ability and being able to get onto the plane very quickly. Such performance from a petrol engine equivalent could only be expected from a 70hp+ outboard at much higher revs and higher fuel consumption.

The lack of vibrations, smoke and low noise level are remarkable, improving operation comfort yet delivering impressive performance.

Diesel engines in this segment have advantages over the petrol counterparts regarding safety, availability of fuel, operating costs and longevity. For example, a fuel storage reduction by 20% is sufficient to achieve the same range compared to a petrol engine of the same performance and up to 40% on life cycle costs.

Furthermore, diesel fuel is available tax free in some maritime areas and a single fuel policy is becoming standard with certain authorities. High torque in combination with lower fuel consumption, better performance and above all a diesel fuel related higher operating safety leads to expected demand in new maritime segments.

Further engine variants as well as a power increase to 75hp are planned for further development.

The D – Torque will be offered with 20 or 25” Leg options, standard electric starting, power trim & tilt, tiller or remote control steering, and various ancillary options such as propellers, fuel systems, gauges & controls.

With over 60 years’ experience – Seascape Marine Services has the skills and capability to overhaul, maintain and service all major diesel engine manufactures products (main engine & Auxiliary) including the DTorque, as well as turbochargers and reduction gearboxes.

YMI’s return to the diesel outboard market follows an exclusive co-operation and distribution agreement with German outboard manufacturer Neander Shark in whom it also has an equity stake. YMI is to distribute Neander Shark outboards worldwide through its extensive network with access to more than 130 countries making Neander & Yanmar the perfect combination.

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