Remote Controlled Volvo Ocean 65 with Gennaker

VOR 65 radio control modelA unique boat for a unique race. That was the credo of the model boat developers of stockmaritime, starting with the construction of a new model for the VOLVO OCEAN RACE. The result was a global technological innovation:
A model boat with gennaker, capable to go offshore – remote controlled.

With this model boat, everyone can sail his own Volvo Ocean Race. Because the VOLVO OCEAN 65 is extremely seaworthy and saltwater resistant.

The racing yacht of 1.1m is vacuum-manufactured with carbon fibre and epoxy. Using a double hatch system to access the technics, the boat is nearly 100% waterproof. The boat is equipped with two servos for the double rudder and the upwind sails, and 2 sail winches for the gennaker sheets and the gennaker rolling system. In order to sail really fast in all conditions, you can choose between 4 sets of upwind sails and 2 different gennakers. Boat and sails can be ordered in your business design.

“This finally means no more boring upwind courses with model boats.” Hans Genthe, owner of stockmaritime, has done intensive testing of the boat. “The hardest test was at St. Peter Ording at the North Sea in mid-December.”

The model is immediately available. The sailing characteristics of the VOLOVO OCEAN 65 are documented with videos on a new website:

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