PredictWind Tides and Tables Feature Update

The popular tables format in PredictWind has been given a gleaming update.

“Over the years we have added many parameters to the tables. It was time to take a fresh look at this feature and reduce the complexity” said Jon Bilger, the Director of PredictWind. The design team started with a clean sheet and went from the ground up creating the design, with input from customers and the PredictWind support team who are all experienced sailors. Bilger went on to say, “We are really happy with the result. The tables are clear, concise and have some innovative new features.”

One of the notable changes is a summary view of each variable, which simplifies interpretation and uses forecast intelligence for each hour. This summary view means the tables can be easily viewed without scrolling.

We have also added tide times into the Tables and the Daily Briefing, as tides are an essential element of any boating day. Having tides for the entire globe within the PredictWind ecosystem is a welcome addition. The tidal data is derived from satellite and local hydrographic office references.

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