Phillippa Hutton-Squire – Moving Forwards!

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It has been a sad time saying good bye to my lovely boat, Phesheya-Racing. Phesheya has entertained me on and off the water for last 4 years. I started sailing her in 2010 and now I have done so many miles in her I can’t begin to count (maybe 70 000nm)! Every single mile has been worthwhile. I have sailed around Britain and Ireland twice, done three Normandy Channel Races, around the world and lots more.

Sometimes it has not been easy but I have learnt so much about all sorts of things that I would never thought about before. She has been my heart and soul of my life for 4 years and it was sad to think that this month she has become someone else’s boat. I love the ocean and the ocean has definitely helped me grow as a person. I love beginning out there with the wind blowing in my face as I get splashed or drenched by wave after wave. I don’t think that there is anything that will change that.

I have been very lucky with the last 4 years on Phesheya. I have to Thank Nick Leggatt for the initial idea and for teaching me so much! I also need to say Thank you to Hugo and Helen Leggatt (Nicks Parents) for their support! To my family; Mum and Dad, you have been so awesome sending your only daughter into the blue yonder and to my two brothers Richard and Charlie for their amazing support!

There is just something about the freedom of the ocean as you hold on to the helm hour after hour, wave after wave, squall after squall, albatrosses checking you out or dolphins jumping in the waves or whales waving at you with the tails. It is a unique life out there. It could be very hot or extremely cold and somehow its often not much in-between. I love it.

It has been difficult to get me off the boat and into the office. My determination to find another project is huge at the moment and there is not much that is going to stop me from being out on the water and sailing on the ocean. The sea has become a part of my life and made me open my eyes to opportunities ashore and at sea.

Now it’s time to get back out there. Just because I don’t have Phesheya I am not going to stop sailing across the oceans. The feeling that you get out there is hard to describe the sensation that you get from being out there is definitely worth it!! I am trying to put a new sailing project together at the moment, so watch this space carefully….

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