Paralympic Sailing 2020- IFDS responds to leaked document

Sonar fleet - 2014 IFDS Worlds pic by Tim Wilkes
Sonar fleet – 2014 IFDS Worlds
pic by Tim Wilkes

Both Craig Spence and Sir Philip Craven have recently written… ‘All IFs will soon receive the review documents which formed the basis for the Board’s decision-making. We do not intend to make these papers public as we believe it is not justified to expose individual governing bodies in this manner’. ISAF has not yet received that review document.

The document published was an early draft from IPC to which the ISAF DSC (IFDS) was responding. It was an internal document and not released by either organisation for publication.

ISAF DSC Secretary, Bernard Destrubé explains the situation……

IFDS is still awaiting the official report of IPC’s decision on excluding sailing from Tokyo 2020. In the light of the quantity of outrageously false and damaging information circulating on Facebook, I cannot remain silent any longer.

The documents published recently on Facebook and in the Sailing media , are outdated, and blatantly irrelevant to the final decisions taken by IPC. For this reason IPC had logically and specifically labelled them as confidential!

IPC had requested all international federations to answer a comprehensive, complex questionnaire, which a small working group within IFDS produced by the July 28, 2014 deadline. Most of the items of this initial document came back flagged orange or red, as can be seen on the pdf document that is circulating. IPC was insufficiently explicit in describing their expectancies, and the general nature of the answers lacked appropriate examples and irrefutable data.

Both the completed questionnaire, and IPC’s response were preliminary working documents and it is both misplaced and destructive to criticize IFDS based on these documents!

Immediately following reception this preliminary evaluation, IFDS executive tackled every issue thoroughly. IFDS sent a questionnaire to all MNA’s requesting their assistance in proving their Paralympic sailing activity, collating race results etc. Personal contacts were made with countries not necessarily coming frequently to regattas. Extensive Internet search was carried out to obtain dates, participating countries, and results of international regattas around the world. That work was fruitful, and when IPC returned its subsequent evaluation in September all but four items were flagged green!

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